Sanctvs Necessity

Volume 1



RM 580.00



Sanctvs is the brainchild of Kevin Loo – a lifestyle journey in pursuit of perfection. It seeks to redefine humanity’s most basic longing in life – an eternal sense of beauty.

With the endeavor of balancing between comfortable everyday wear and cutting-edge fashion statement, Sanctvs is synonymous with timeless classics and uncompromising quality.

Kevin Loo

As an artist, Kevin’s passion is found in creating all things beautiful, from artwork to interior design, to architecture and food plating. To him, life itself is an art form; to live life routinely and mechanically is to rob life of its most existential purpose.

And with the debut of Sanctvs, it is the medium in which Kevin actualizes his inner thoughts and longing.


Sanctvs Plt (LLP0019237-LGN)
3, Jalan SS 13/4. 47500 Subang Jaya. Selangor. Malaysia.
+6011 1005 1686